Fourteen Spots 4:10
Twenty-Five Estate Entry Drives  1:10


Dough Play No. 2, 1:00
Dough Play No. 3
, 1:30
Dough Play No. 4, 0:47


Public Service Announcement (Friendship) 0:44
Public Service Announcement (Time) 1:11

Public Service Announcement (Garden) 1:41
A Clown Asks; series; each 0:56
Loch Ness Monster Is Dead, 0:21
Shelley, 1:56


Grid & Spider, b/w silent, 4:08
TV Family, 2 episodes, each approximately 20 minutes; in Italian with English subtitles; shown on Vimeo as six videos
Furniture Songs, 3:00
A few minutes with…Michelle Grabner, 5:15
Theme Song For An Exhibition, three variants (“white cube,” “protest,” “studio”), each 3:14
Public Service Announcement (Independent Imagination), 1:13
Public Service Announcement (Avant Garde Suburb), 1:39
Concrete Comedy: An Introduction, 8:35
TV commercials for artists and exhibitions (Jennifer Bolande at Green Gallery Oak Park, 0:32; Gavin Brown at Green Gallery, 0:48; Matthew Higgs/Margaret Lee, 0:48)


Andy Kaufman 1, 1:33
Andy Kaufman 2, 2:22
Night Gallery: The Paintings, 27:00
TV commercials for artists and exhibitions (Michelle Grabner “I Work From Home,” Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland, 00:30)


TV commercials for artists and exhibitions (Claire Fontaine/Lucie Fontaine 0:40; Michelle Grabner/Drew Heitzler, 0:45)
Three TV spots for “Memento” porcelain plate published by Adora Porcelain, 3:54


The Lift Trilogy:

The County Line
Lift (Part 1, Part 2)
“Sometimes it takes an artist to know an artist.”

TV commercials for artists and exhibitions (Tony Matelli, 0:33; Michelle Grabner, 0:58; Spencer Sweeney, 0:45; Three Card Monte: Marco Kane Braunschweiler/Martine Syms/Paul Cowan, 0:23; Santiago Cucullu/Anicka Yi, 0:37)


TV commercials for artists and exhibitions  (Lonesome Cowgirls: Amy Granat/Emily Sundblad, 0:22; Three commercials for Andy Warhol: The Late Paintings at Milwaukee Art Museum, 2:58)
Something Theater #6. WVTV Channel 18, Milwaukee


TV commercials for artists and exhibitions (Orphaned Kitties at Green Gallery, Milwaukee, 1:11; Sarah Clendening, 0:44)

Something Theater #4, WVTV Channel 18, Milwaukee
Something Theater #2, WVTV Channel 18, Milwaukee
Something Theater #1, WVTV Channel 18, Milwaukee

Something Theater was a half-hour television program that was broadcast every few months in the local Milwaukee market, 2009-2011. A collaboration between Bobby Ciraldo and Andrew Swant, who worked as a team, and DR working independently, ST was intended in part to demonstrate how easy it could be to introduce experimentation into mainstream communication culture, simply by buying airtime. The Onion described the show as “all weird, all the time,” which isn’t quite accurate; ST shows conveyed a wide variety of moods. View the Something Theater trailer. View the alternate ST intro.


Mister Universe, 08:00


Lift, 28:00
Curb Giveaway, 03:00  


The Naturalist, 02:00
Colored Names, 00:21
Nike Ghost, 00:20
A Concise History of Democracy, 00:25


Improv Comedy, 10:00
Western #1, 00:20
Western #2, 01:26
Studying the Lie (with Andrew Swant, Ray Chi, Bobby Ciraldo), 04:00
Scanasonic Demo (with music by Paul Dickinson), 2001/2005, 03:00


The Ice Cream Social, one of four winners of the international TV Lab competition commissioned by the Sundance Channel, 8 minutes


One Mother’s Love (with Brad Killam and Michelle Grabner)


Appleton East High School Marching Band Performs the Star-Spangled Banner Under the Direction of Mr. Dan Spina (with Conceptual Art Research)


Green and Gold (with Conceptual Art Research)


Cooking with Confidence (with Conceptual Art Research)


Writer, episode of The Street, Fox Television


Concerned Homeowners’ Hotline (with Ian Frazier)